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9 Fracture Nursing Care Plans & Pathophysiology | Nurseslabs ...
. Activity Intolerance · Impaired Physical Mobility · Situational Low Self-Esteem · Readiness for Enhanced Therapeutic Regimen · Risk for Infection .


impaired physical mobility and self esteem

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Impaired Physical Mobility — Amputation Nursing Care Plan (NCP ...
Feb 10, 2012 . Impaired Physical Mobility — Amputation Nursing Care Plan (NCP) . Plan · Situational Low Self-Esteem — Amputation Nursing Care Plan .

Self-Care Deficit Nanda Nursing Diagnosis
Jan 7, 2012 . Impaired Skin Integrity Nanda Nursing Diagnosis - . . Deficit Nanda Nursing Diagnosis · Impaired Physical Mobility Nanda Nursing Diagnosis.

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Medical-Surgical Nursing: An Integrated Approach, 2E Chapter 24
Acute pain; Impaired physical mobility; Risk for situational low self-esteem; Imbalanced nutrition. 3. Nursing Process: The Care of the Patient with Low Back .


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Impaired Physical Mobility Nanda Nursing Diagnosis
Jan 7, 2012 . Physical, Mental, Psychosocial and Spiritual Chang. . Diagnosis for Dizziness Vertigo · Self-Care Deficit Nursing Care Plan for Stroke . Impaired physical mobility a nursing diagnosis approved by the North . Pattern · Low Self-Esteem · Risk for Deficient Fluid Volume · Risk for Infection · Self-Care Deficit .

CVA - Disease Process
. Impaired physical mobility - Impaired verbal communication - Impaired urinary elimination - Impaired swallowing - Situational low self esteem - Disturbed body .

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Chapter Summary - Delmar Cengage Learning Companions ...
Mobility, the ability to engage in activity and free movement, enhances muscle tone, increases energy levels, and improves self-esteem and the body image. . Impaired Physical Mobility, Risk for Disuse Syndrome, Self-Care Deficits, .